• Survey and Feedback results for 2013

    10 November at 13:35 from atlas

    Feedback received by Exhibitors: 
     "This was my first year at the Expo. I enjoyed the experience and found people were genuinely interested to hear about our products and services."  "The way it was set out was great"   "The venue worked really well and the layout was clear and very functional"  "The organisors did a wonderful job, this was really well advertised, and the information we received leading up to the expo was great."   And our FAVOURITE piece of feedback:  "Well the expo was definitely a success for us - we made over $10,000 in sales! We will be back!"   How did they rate the expo overall?  9.1% Excellent  54.6% Very Good  34.5% Good   From the Visitors:   "I loved the showbag"   "The bouncy slide was great fun and my kids really enjoyed it"   "It was a great place to come and visit, and couldn't believe it was just a gold coin!"   We asked how likely they were to follow up on samples, information, and vouchers that were included in showbags?  Highly likely 33%  Likely 30%  Maybe 33.1%   We asked how likely they were to make follow up contact with businesses and services spoken too that were exhibitors at the expo? Highly likely 30%  Likely 36.7%  Maybe 33.3%


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